First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! I hope each and every one of you can find some time to spend with your families today.

Secondly, I’m going to do a bit of a special Thanksgiving edition post. I have so much to be thankful for this year. I bought my first house, a new car, traveled to Wisconsin, Iowa, and California, all with a wonderful man by my side!

Cue soppy post now.

So, I just wanted to say how very, very thankful I am to be with such a supportive person. As I brought home animal after animal and proposed project after project he met me head on, with maybe something that doesn’t quite qualify as enthusiasm, but was support nonetheless. I really could not do it without him.

I spent 2 days trying to catch this kitten that was trapped in a storm drain. It ate all of the food out of the cat trap at work but was too light to set the trap off. Finally, on the third day Brent and I went on our day off, bought a new trap, and spent a half hour waiting. We came out successful with our little trash cat “Basura”.
Brent met me for lunch after I picked up this girl at work. He said “No.” I said, “I think I’m gonna do it.” And Muppet came home with us. We spent about a month trying to get her to sleep in a kennel without barking, before giving up. She sleeps in our bed now.
I was called because this beautiful kitten was stuck in a block wall in 100 plus degree weather. After an hour of trying I finally was able to get him out. He had a highly elevated body temperature. The vet said they could put him down or I could take him home and see what happened. I took him home. Brent huffed and sighed, then sent me photos lying on the ground with him the next day. We named him “Monty” after the Cask of Amontillado. He was adopted from me by friends and I cried.


I decided I was going to arrange a transport of dogs from Arizona to Wisconsin. The same night we had scheduled to have our house warming party. Brent wasn’t thrilled lol. He drove to meet someone from an ad and buy dog crates. The dogs spent the night in our bathroom and headed out on their roadtrip the next day.
Our longest foster of all: Cleopatra Joan of Arc Aphrodite. Or Cleo for short. I said, “I think I’m going to foster this dog with mange. She’s disgusting and she needs me.”
She came home and rubbed her bloody, scabby, head all over the couch. Brent gave her her antibiotics everyday and helped me with multiple Dawn dish soap baths. When her skin scrape finally came back clear, the shelter said we could adopt her ourselves or return her. Brent adopted her under his name and we went to work finding her a forever home. We both realized 7 dogs is one too many and were very pleased when she was adopted.

And all this in under a year… I’ll never know how he puts up with me, but I will be forever grateful! May you all have someone who supports you while simultaneously wanting to smack you. 😛

Happy Thanksgiving!!!