This was perhaps our easiest project to date! We had a queen sized mattress and no box spring or bed frame. It didn’t take me long at all to find a DIY plan for a platform bed frame on Pinterest. There is no way I will do as great of a job describing each step as the original poster did, so I have shared the Pin and will instead cover any problems we ran into!

The original plan that I’ve shared calls for 14 ft boards to be used and produces very little waste. We quickly found that our local Lowes does not carry 14′ boards in any style, rather they max out at 12′. We bought (six) 10′ 1x4s instead of the 14′.

So out of five of the boards we cut two boards at 4’7″ each and out of the sixth, we cut (five) at 1’9″. (We didn’t actually cut them, we had a Lowes employee do it and unfortunately they did NOT follow the “measure twice, cut once” rule because we did have to make some adjustments once home.) The rest of the plan we were able to follow to a T!

One of the more difficult processes was getting the frame squared up. I actually had to brace the frame against the wall behind me while Brent pushed and pulled on the edges. The plan said from corner to corner should measure approximately 88-3/16″. We would no sooner meet that requirement, then the boards would slide slightly to the right as Brent was inserting the screws for the brace. All I can really say in regards to this is: Have patience and hold on tight!!

The original plan literally gives you the measurement for the placement of each center support brace. No guesswork or math, it is absolutely wonderful.

This is us using a scrap piece of 1×4 to approximate the alignment of the middle braces.


Approximately 30 minutes in and already almost finished!!
Putting on the legs!! This is a photo of a scrap piece of 1×4 being used to create a gap between the legs and the frame. You pull the piece of 1×4 out once the legs are screwed on. This is supposed to help with any excessive squeaking!
Finished product!! I was a little concerned about the height, but the legs would be easy enough to cut down to a shorter height if you so choose. We decided to leave them as is because of the extra storage space! Entire project took an hour and a half tops and best of all, does not require a box spring!
This room is still rather boring, but it now has a sturdy, functional bed! I can’t wait to start sprucing it up more! And now I’m just waiting on my Midwest guests….HINT HINT